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RAM Truck Bodies & Trailers has a combined knowledge base exceeding 40 years in the motor body industry. The management staff consists of the Mr. S Hiraman, Miss S Hiraman and Mr. R Hiraman. The members have an active interest in the company and are part of the daily running of the business.

Mr. Santhesh Hiraman has completed his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has practical experience in the field of vehicle body building. He has participated in the Graduate Development Program (courtesy of Murray & Roberts Engineering Solutions) and has had training in the following areas:

Value Engineering
Project Management
Risk Management
Business Simulation
Planning and Time Management


Ram Truck Bodies and Trailers aim to offer high-quality vehicle body manufacturing services and a full range of repair services. The focus is on personalised service to the customers by offering convenient, fast and efficient service.

To create a product of versatility and durability combined with affordability for the automotive market.

In addition allowing maximum preference to the employment of the previously disadvantaged, physically challenged and empowering of women.

To train and equip the youth and surrounding community members with the skills to lead a meaningful and rewarding life.

Having been exposed to both the corporate and field work aspects of this business, he has the knowledge and skills required to successfully deliver quality products in this sector.

Miss Sandhera Hiraman has been exposed to the working environment from a young age and has excelled in all the sectors that she has been employed. Her dedication and attention to detail has made her the ideal candidate to run the office administration and insure that the business policies and procedures are implemented and adhered.

Mr. R. Hiraman has extensive knowledge in the ferrous & non-ferrous metal industry. He manages the production, design and quality control processes of the business. He has interacted with deaf and mute employees in a teaching and supervisory capacity. Mr. R. Hiraman has extensive knowledge in the manufacture of vehicle bodies and is instrumental in developing numerous designs and innovative creations benefiting this industry.



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